Saturday, January 21, 2012

Whether it’s for a trip to the doctor or a walk around the block to maintain your sanity, you will need to ta
ke your precious little one outside at some point. It can be scary, and it’s true, germs are everywhere! Without being total germaphobes (ok we are a little!) these are the steps we have taken to try to keep our preemie protected when we are out and about.

  • First and foremost- HAND hygiene. Hands are the biggest germ magnets. I am washing my hands constantly and make everyone else do it to. When I’m out I rely on hand sanitizer a lot. I have one attached to the handle of each diaper bag, in both cars, and by my door when I come in to the house.
  • I am very careful about germ magnets (doorknobs, hand rails, money, elevator buttons). I try to open doors with my elbow or sleeve when possible or I will use hand sanitizer after touching these things.
  • We do go out, but stay outdoors for the most part and avoid closed off, indoor spaces with lots of ppl including indoor malls, grocery stores, and pharmacies (I think pharmacies are the worst!).
  • When LO is in his stroller or carseat I think of this as the “safe baby realm” (this is what our NICU considers the isolettes and anything that touches baby) when my hands enter the realm I sanitizer first. As long as they are only in that realm, I’m good, but when I touch anything outside, I re-sanitize.
  • To remind myself, I leave a hand sanitizer on his lap when he’s in the stroller (he’s too young to grab for it yet!). You could also attach one to the stroller handle.
  • While out, I wear LO a lot. Having him right on my chest in a sling or carrier means that I can head off well-wishers that want to touch him. Most of the time, ppl just don’t go for him because he’s right on my boobs :o).
  • When LO is in the carseat or stroller while out, I put an A+A blanket over it. I consider this blanket the “dirty” blanket and will touch it with non- sanitized hands to block a ray of sunshine from his eyes or quickly cover him up as a gaggle of cheek pinchers approaches.
  • If we’re out and someone (sweet old lady, friend’s non-sick kid) REALLY wants to touch him I try to direct them to his feet. I can say “I know, he’s so cute, look at these tiny toes!” or to the child “you can tickle his toes.” This keeps them away from his hands and face. If we meet up with close, not sick friends, that want to hold him, I make them sanitize first.
  • When we get home I wash my hands well, throw the “dirty” blanket in the hamper and then wipe down LO’s hands and face with a warm washcloth.
My ultimate protection, I believe, is clean hands and every precious drop of breastmilk I can get in him!


Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.

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