Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Wednesday June 29th started out like any other day. Went to work for 5am...checked out The Bump and got the new stats since I was officailly 33 weeks!! I love checking out the HDBD pics and was going to take a pic and post it once I got home from work.

By around 8:30am I just wasn't having it. I didn't want to be at work that day. Felt tired and just not myself. I went to the washroom and noticed after i wiped there were approx 5 small blood clots in the toilet. I didn't want to overreact or get paranoid so I just went back to my desk like nothing had happend. I decided to message one of the guys I work with to come in so I could go home early, I was just spent. He agreed and and said he would be there before 10am. I went to the bathroom one more time and noticed there was another small clot in the toilet. I told myself that wasn't normal and maybe should call the Drs office.

As I was waiting for my SO to pick me up I called my sister and explained what had been happening. She told me to call the Dr and give them a heads up and to go home and rest. My SO showed up and I told him what happend. He is alot more concerned then me and told me to go right then and call the Dr. Around 10am I called and explained and also told them I had brought up to my Dr the amount of Braxton Hicks i was having for the couple weeks prior. They told me to go home, lay down and count fetal kicks for the next 2 hrs and if there were less then 6 call them back and go from there.

I get home, walk to my sisters (she lives extremely close) and I am explaining to her what the Drs office said. I am having the usual BH tightness and having a normal convo really not being thing I know my SO comes to tell me the Drs office called and I needed to go call them back. I left and called them back. She informed me she contacted the maternity ward at the hospital and they just want to me go in for an assessment. Sounds good. I assume I will go be hooked up and monitored for a couple of hrs and at best be put on bed rest.

11am checking into the materity ward. They take me right into a room and have me put on a gown, I am hooked up to the monitors. I am listening to my baby and noticing my BH on the monitor too. Around noon they come in and do a pap, take a swab of the mucus for potential pre term labor. They took some blood and also gave me an IV of liquid to see if maybe I were getting BH due to dehydration. I also had an internal done and my cervix was long and closed. Good news :)

2pm rolls around and I am being sent up for a quick u/s to double check the baby and my cervix and make sure everything looked good. u/s came back great, the tech said everything was good and I was sent back down to the room. Back in the room I am put back onto the monitor where they start to notice my contrations really aren't BH and the real deal, they keep just increasing. The one dr is doing another internal and just as she is done gets called out of the room and says "we will talk as soon as I get back". Not long after another nurse comes in and tells me they are going to give me a steroid shot incase baby decides to come early.

Approx 4pm my SO gets back to the hospital after picking up his daughter from school, just as they got in the room the nurse and the dr are telling me that the swab came back postive for preterm labor and my cervix is changing, "you may have baby today or maybe in a couple weeks" they also decided to give me a patch to try and stop the labor from progressing. Little bit freaked at this point my SO and Hailey just sit and talk for a couple mins. They decide to leave the room to get in contact with my sister to give her a heads up that I was indeed in labor but they were trying to stop it and to let my mom know.

4:30ish They aren't in the room and all hell breaks loose. My blood pressure all of a sudden dropped so low and babies heart rate dropped as well. The nurses come rushing in "turn onto your side" they can't hear him. "Turn onto your other side" we still can't hear him. They are putting an oxygen mask onto my face and doing another internal. I am told to turn onto my back where they are finally able to hear baby and I am 3cm dilated. The dr looks at me and says "for whatever reason baby is really not happy right now and the best thing at this point is to take you to the back operating room and get him out via c-section". They still aren't back and I am being rolled out. Once into the room the team of drs and nurses are suiting up and the anestesiologist (?) is explaining to me the spinal he is going to give me. Just before they roll me to my side the nurse asks me how I am feeling...I just cried and said "i'm scared" . They put the spinal in, tell me my legs should start to tingle and get warm. As I say they are they are putting the blue sheet up and by the time they secure the sheet the one dr says "they have already started".

I lay there staring at the ceiling and I say "where's Darren" I am told he is suited up outside the door and they bring him in. His sits beside me repeating "it's going to be ok" as the look in his face shows just how scared he is. I am told that if baby comes out crying I will get to see him, if he does'nt the NICU team is in the hallway waiting to take him to get looked at. "you are gonna feel some pressure as they are bringing out baby" . He cried so loud right away that Darren and I just cried.

5:06pm my little 33 weeker Joshua Joseph came into the world weighing 5lbs and 17 1/2in long. He is perfect!!

He is making progress each day and making his mommy and daddy so proud of him. <3 Words can't even describe the love you can have for another person the way you do for your baby. I have to leave him in the NICU for a couple weeks still but I just want him to get healthy and we know everyone is rooting for his safe arrival home!!!!

And today..

Joshua is now 20 weeks old. He is doing fantastic. Just had a pedi appt today where she told me that Josh does look like a 3 month old (adjusted age) his development is right on track for a 4 1/2 month old :) He now is weighing in at 14lbs 3oz and 24in long. Every morning when I go into his room I get the biggest smiles in the world!!! He is learning and doing something new every day. Can't wait to see what he has in store for me next.


Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.

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