Saturday, October 8, 2011
It can be hard to find tiny preemie-sized clothes! Carters and Gerber also tend to run small so their clothes fit preemies early on. Also note that you don’t want to buy too many preemie sized clothes at the beginning. Wait until your LO can wear clothes and asses what sizes you really need. Remember that many preemies can't wear clothes for weeks or even months. They will quickly outgrow the preemie size but spend a long time in newborn sizes so stock up on the newborn clothes too.

Another word of advice--clothes with snaps and no footies are best for accommodating NICU wires and monitors! Also stock up on cute hats and socks as these will be the first items your baby can wear!

The following online stores specialize in preemie products:


Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.

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