Saturday, December 10, 2011
Summer as going very well and I was enjoying being pregnant (for the most part). I was lucky and was able to take vacation from work 1 week after the 4th of July so I had a nice relaxing two weeks off from work. The first day following vacation, I returned to work (veterinary technician). I had noticed around 10 am that morning that my lower back had to started to ache a bit. I figured this was the beginning of aching, tired portion of 3rd tri and didn’t think too much about it. I took some Tylenol and went on about my day. Around 11:30am, I noticed that the Tylenol wasn’t helping much so I tried sitting/standing different positions to no avail. I called my OB at this point to see if they had any suggestions or if there was anything else that I could take. While talking to the receptionist, she put me on hold and came back a few minutes later and said that my doctor recommended that I come in and get checked to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated. So, I went on my lunch break (her office is right across the street from where I worked) thinking it would be a quick appointment. I showed up, they put a fetal monitor on me and we came to find out that I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. Next thing I know, I’m hooked up to an IV and having my cervix checked with luckily no change. Andy came from work and we sat at the hospital for about 8 hours. During that 8 hour hospital visit (which was my first visit EVER to a hospital), they gave me two bags of fluids in about an hours time (man did I have to pee!) and terbutaline to stop the contractions. The terb. wasn’t too horrible, it did make my heart race a bit (it could have also been the surreal situation that we were in at the time, we were both slightly nervous about what was happening). This is one of those situations in which my personality really shows through…I can honestly say, even though we were sitting in the hospital, I wasn’t too worried. I didn’t really know at this point that this was just the beginning. I just thought it was a fluke.

I was sent home from the hospital and told to take it easy until I see my OB. When I saw my OB later that week, she put me on modified bed rest and told me to stay off of my feet and to watch for contractions of 6 or more in an hour. If they came back, I was to return to the hospital.
Saturday rolled around and I was watching TV when I noticed I was having contractions again (now I knew what they felt like) and was having about 8 in the hour that I had counted. So, back to the hospital we went. This visit, started like the last, the fluids, the terbualine but the contractions wouldn’t stop. I was kept over night since the Terb. wasn’t working and they had to give me mag sulfate. Magnesium Sulfate is a nasty drug. It is very effective in stopping contractions but it makes you feel horrible. To quote “The adverse effects of parenterally (IV) administered magnesium usually are the result of magnesium intoxication. These include flushing, sweating, hypotension, depressed reflexes, flaccid paralysis, hypothermia, circulatory collapse, cardiac and central nervous system depression proceeding to respiratory paralysis.” Great stuff, huh? I felt hot and very sick to my stomach. I had to be catheterized (urinary) because I wasn’t allowed to walk.
The next day was worse because it left me with a horrible headache. The urinary catheter was the WORST part of my whole pregnancy experience. I’ve never felt so much pain or so dehumanized.
That evening while in the hospital, my OB was on call and she came in to talk to me. I totally lost it that point and ended up balling on her shoulders while she told me everything was going to be ok. They checked me and my cervix was thinned to 1.8cm when it should have been around 3.8-4cm. The next morning I was sent home on strict bed rest and I was to have a cervical U/S on Tuesday. Tuesday came and I had my cervix checked. I was 1 cm dilated. I hadn’t had any contractions since Saturday so, strict bedrest was the plan.
In the same evening that I had the cervical ultrasound, I got up to make hamburger helper (figuring it was just a matter of throwing some hamburger in a pan). I made dinner and Andy came home. After dinner, I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt a warm small trickle. I honestly thought I just tinkled a little bit. I decided to go to the bathroom to empty my apparently over flowing bladder and I got a shower. While in the shower, I felt that same small trickle again. I got out, called for Andy and sat on the toilet. As soon as he came in, I trickled again and he heard it. Then we knew. My water had broken.
In a flurry, we jumped in the car and were on our way to the hospital. It didn’t really sink in until I walked up to the desk in the ER and had to tell the lady at the desk what happened. Next thing I know, I was in a wheel chair going up to L&D.
Again, like the previous trips, I was put on an IV, fetal monitor and given Mag Sulfate (here we go). The next day, I spoke with my OB. The hospital that we were currently at had two issues. The first issue was that their NICU was completely full and second, it was only a level II NICU. We decided that it was best that I get moved to Riverside in case I delivered sooner rather than later so that the baby wouldn’t have to be moved after he was born. I was transferred to Riverside via ambulance. It is very strange to feel so helpless.
From then on, I sat in the hospital for 5 days on every antibiotic known to man trying to keep the baby cooking. Sitting in the hospital was horrible. I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed, I was being checked every hour, and it was very lonely. Andy came to visit and stayed with me as much as possible, but hospitals are very lonely places. I was also poked a million times (I had 9 different IVs because my veins are so bad, plus the heparin shots in my legs, the steroid shots for Cam’s lungs, etc). Our goal was to make it to at least 32 weeks.

The day I went into labor, one of the doctors I worked with stopped by to bring me some goodies and to visit. While she was there, it happened to be time to be put on the fetal monitor. We chatted and were interrupted by the nurse coming in…The nurse said that my heart rate was elevated and she asked if I was ok. I felt fine. Then she told me I was having contractions again (which were off and on during my hospital stay anyway). They checked my cervix…I was at 2cm. It looked like I was officially going into labor and they wouldn’t stop it this time. I was taken from the high risk floor and moved to L&D.
Our birth plan was to do things naturally. I wasn’t officially sure as to how this would work with Cameron being a preemie. I wanted as little intervention as possible. I was already hooked up to an IV so not having one was out of the question. We had my dad and stepmom in the room, Andy’s mom was on her way up from Cincinnati so, it would be a while before she arrived.
I was able to labor for 9.5 hours med-free. I think I did pretty well seeing how we didn’t get to make it to our scheduled birth classes. I think that having my family in the room with me was a bit distracting. The labor was also made more difficult due to the nurse I had. She was not nice at all and I really should have asked for a new one. My dad at one point wanted to tell her off (adding to my stress). She kept asking me if I wanted an epidural and at one point asked me why I didn’t want one. What did it matter? It was my choice. I was checked at the 9.5hour mark and was still only at 2cm. My contractions during that time were hitting 97% on the monitor and I was in a lot of pain. Since I wasn’t progressing and Cam had begun to become slightly distressed (heart rate decelerating during contractions) they started me on Pitocin. At that that my contractions were no longer bearable so I asked for the epidural. I can imagine that nasty things my nurse was probably saying to other people after I finally gave in…. As for the epidural itself, what a BIG difference! After the epi, my dad said I was the happiest person he’s ever seen in labor (weird?). I was able to rest and a few short hours later, I was at 10! (I got very lucky, a Cesarean was the last thing I wanted). My epi didn’t take as well as they do with most so I was still able to feel the urge to pee (at which the nurse didn’t believe me at first) and also felt Cam move down (hard to explain the feeling). I told the nurse what I felt and she checked me, his head was right there!
The doctors had me deliver Cameron in a surgery suite just in case things got difficult. It took a total of 4 pushes and he was out! He was 2lbs 15oz and 15 1/2in long (gestation 30weeks 1 day). He needed just the CPAP to help him breathe (thank you steroid shots) and was taken to the NICU. I didn’t get to hold him after he was born like I had planned, but I did get to touch his little fingers before the NICU team took him away.
A lot of what followed was a blur. Cameron was born at 2am and I didn’t get to sleep until about 5am. I was exhausted and starving. I was also VERY thirsty. They wouldn’t let me have much to drink during or after the delivery because they were afraid I would get sick. By the time we got back to my room, I was parched! The nurse finally gave in and let me drink 8oz of juice. Juice had never tasted so sweet! After I pumped for the first time (more about that later) I was finally able to sleep. We slept for about 3 hours and were up at 8am with the nurses checking on me and bringing me food. Shortly thereafter, I went to officially meet Cameron for the first time.  
Cameron stayed in the NICU for 39 and came home the first week of September. He was born July 25th 2010. His due date was October 1st, 2010.


Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.

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