Saturday, August 4, 2012

My pregnancy was going perfect. Had nothing wrong with anything, baby was growing great, I wasn't gaining too much weight. Just had normal aches and pains, nothing more. That all changed on April 30, 2012. I was 34 weeks exactly. I woke up swollen. My feet hurt if you touched them. This had never happened before. The swelling had always gone down overnight and my blood pressure has always been fine. Well, I took my blood pressure. 154/80. WHAT?! I called the doc to see if he wanted to see me earlier than my 11am appointment. They had me come in at 10. My BP at the office was 165/90. There was a little protein in my urine. My nurse, Linda, had me lie on my left side. She came back and my BP had dropped to 120/85. When my OB came in, he checked my cervix and I was slightly dialted and a little effaced. He put me on strict bed rest. Before I left we did an NST and ultrasound, both came back perfect. I had to do a 24 hour urine and was given BP medicine. I was to monitor my BP twice a day and if it got over 160 then I was to go straight to L&D. Our goal was to make it 3 more weeks to 37 weeks. I ended up in the hospital the next night and was observed overnight just to be discharged with a diagnosis of pre-e. I wasn't to move off the couch except to go to the bathroom or to my bed. Just great, I'm going to go crazy. When I went back to my OB's office on Friday of that week, he sent me directly to L&D because my BP wasn't getting better. I was going to be in the hospital until I delivered this baby. I felt perfectly fine but couldn't do anything. It was very frustrating. On May 7th I told my nurse that I thought my mucus plug had come out and they didn't seem concerned. The goal was now to get to 36 weeks which was Sunday May 13th. We can do this I thought. Well, 4am on May 8th rolled around and my LO had a different idea. My water broke. I didn't start feeling labor until around 1pm, 3 hours after they started pitocin. I didn't have to have mag because as soon as my water broke my BP went down. It was strangly good. At 3pm I was dialated to 4 so I got my epidural. By 530pm I was pushing! Mind you, this is my first, they never expected me to move that quick. At 7:17pm Evelyn Marie was born at 4lb 11oz and 18in long. She was perfect. Absolutley nothing wrong. She spent one week in the special care nursery as a feeder/grower. What a blessing she is!


Precious and priceless so lovable too, the world’s sweetest littlest miracle is, a baby like you.

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